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Danny Wolfers

Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz

cover: Danny Wolfers - Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz

What is Amateur Space Jazz? One could call it a Lo-Fi Minimal Wavish version of Cosmic Space Jazz and anything closely related to it...from spiritual soul, G-FUNK, ethiopian jazz to ambient and everything in knowledge of musical theory is required...Played with a D.I.Y punk approach on crappy digital synthesizers - preferably with dubious renditions of real instruments. Warmed up to the right temperature with some offbeat effectsbox. Multitracking is a technique widely Create a "one person band with all its members oneself's multidimensional copies in time.".......Comes with a 24 page graphic novel written and drawn by Danny Wolfers himself and a Nightwind Amateur Space Jazz gummy domed sticker.......Let's enter world of Amateur Space Jazz!!!

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